You must be thinking, “so here’s another Muslim trying to defend Islam!”

Nope. I am not trying to defend Islam. Islam isn’t the religion of peace, you say? Sure! But then, which religion is?

No religion is inherently violent. No religion is inherently peaceful. Religion, any religion, is a matter of interpretation, and it is often in that interpretation that we see either beauty or ugliness — or, more often, if we are mature enough to think nuanced thoughts, something in between.

So yea, I am not here to defend Islam. I am not here to explain the “understanding” or “interpretation” or “mindset” of ISIS or any other terrorist organisation that runs in the name or ’cause’ of Islam. I am here to clear some myths and prove that there is a beautiful interpretation of Islam that many, many people are not aware of. No, I am not here to glorify my religion. There are a lot of prejudices that needs to be cleared.

In today’s world, it seems far too easy to spread hatred than love. Islam has become an easy target. Some Muslims have played their parts well in making it the easy target. But there are tons of Muslims, who wish to live in peace, who do not judge others based on race or religion. We love our faith and we have a mind of our own but we do accept other’s opinions and respect their sentiments. Yes, such Muslims really do exist.

And this blog is the voice of those people.