Intolerance in some countries.

I was once asked to be grateful for the perks of living in a democracy followed by the question, “What do Muslims do for the minorities in the Islamic countries? Do you know how intolerant they are?”

Indeed I am grateful and I do love the country I belong to. Secondly, yes some Islamic countries are intolerant in some ways especially for when it comes to their women. But that question got me going and I did a little research…

Diwali(Hindu festival) Celebrations in U.A.E

What!? They are selling pork in Dubai!

This Arab man is happily standing with the Gujrati family and celebrating their festival!

Gurudwara temple in U.A.E

Temple in Malaysia!

Krishna Temple in Muscat, Oman.

Christmas eve midnight mass in Indonesia.

Holi celebrations in Pakistan!

Church in Doha, Qatar.

Zoroastrian fire temple in Iran

Jewish woman reading Torah in synagogue in Tehran.

Christmas in Morocco

Christmas in Kuwait!

Synagogue in Istanbul!

Onam celebrations in gulf! Why is that Arab sitting there!?

Alexandria school of theology Cairo, Egypt.

Church in Istanbul, Turkey.

Religious procession in Egypt.

Buddhist Pagoda in Brunei Darussalam.

Saraswati Pooja in Bangladesh.



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