I know I speak for everyone when I express deepest sympathy to the friends and families of the victims of the Manchester terrorist attack. My thoughts and prayers are with them and with those who have been injured or traumatised.

Needless to say it was a terrible act and is much condemned. It has become so frequent these days for ISIS to carry out such terrorist activities and then proudly claim responsibility for it! But every time innocents are killed and their lives and dreams are smothered, my heart aches. And it aches much more because these suicide bombers think or are led to believe that they are doing it for their “religion”! It is only stupid to think that killing innocents would serve the purpose of Islam. God knows it doesn’t. I can only apologise for such heinous acts carried out in the name of my religion.

I always will remember the words of Antoine Leiris who lost his wife when terrorist gunmen opened fire at the Bataclan theatre in Paris in 2015.

“On Friday night, you stole the life of an exceptional being, the love of my life, the mother of my son, but you will not have my hate. I don’t know who you are and I don’t want to know. You are dead souls.” He would not, he added, give the terrorists the “satisfaction” of hating nor of fearing them: “You want me to be scared, to see my fellow citizens through suspicious eyes, to sacrifice my freedom for security. You have failed. I will not change.” And he added that his baby son’s happiness (Melvil was 17 months) would continue to defy them: “Because you will not have his hate either.”

The only purpose of these terrorist is to inculcate fear and hatred among people. Let us not let them win. Let’s not give them the satisfaction.



6 thoughts on “Condolences.

  1. First of all thank you for following my blog . I appreciate it when fellow bloggers enjoy my posts . Secondly you are so right about Manchester . Those are not Moslems anymore than the KKK and other white supremacists are Christian . So much hate in the name of religion . This isn’t what God, Allah or whoever you believe in is about. I know my God is about Love and I know Allah is as well. May Allah bless and keep you, my friend .

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    1. Thanks for your support. Words like these provide great hope and strength. They are not Muslims, they do not actually belong to any religion because killing innocents can’t be an act for God. Let us be strong and believe in God and do only good to others. May God bless you too!
      Happy blogging!

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  2. islam,juadism and christianity is and will always be as almost familiar and similar tones. If Father Ishmael were to be avatared in this era, id welcome him with an open mind, heart and spirit. i read on ishmael, only a single proprietor of all, can handle. hmmm

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  3. This is heart wrenching. Before any religion, we are all humans and feeling for the loss of another fellow human is a human-nature. I can never tend to understand how one person can kill thousands of innocent people, regardless of the reason behind it. Religion was for improving the life quality, not destroying lives of people. I hope those animals understand this fact one day. Beautiful post 🙂

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